Barbara Brooks

Barbara Brooks

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Barbara Brooks

name: MzBrooks<br /> <br /> age 49, but whos really counting, just a number!<br /> <br /> location: southwest Florida 24 years now,but originally a New England girl, still with a lingering accent, Pahk the cah in Haaavahd Yahd,lol<br /> <br /> marital status: single<br /> <br /> tatoos: no, but all two of my three grown children do<br /> <br /> <br /> fav foods:LOBSTAH, edamine,seaweed salad, sushi, chilean sea bass,cherries,peaches,white chocolate,peanut butter,steamers in buddah,a good filet, grilled veggies,toffee.bisque,peanut butter and fluff sandwich,raw oysters with a spicy bloody mary, but not all together!<br /> <br /> Hobbies: avid walker, bicycling,motorcycles,darts, plays,plants,traveling to exotic places,weights,dancing,modeling,real estate investing,snorkeling, jetski,celtic events,art, old car shows,saltwater <br /> <br /> Yes, I like car and truck shows, grew up watching drag races live with my dad in Massachusetts in Marlborough, not much for television, Im a live and 3d real person so love to get out in the world! Have a special appreciation for pretty and fast cars,antiques a plus, a lot of love go into those beauties!<br /> <br /> In my free time I am a blur in outside events, always have a travel bag packed and a todo and to see list! Art events, union activist,love flea markets, a sunset on the beach, drive with my convertible at night just to feel the wind in my hair! Love to see a great band, dancing is in my blood, creativity is my soul and people are my love, if I can help a person see greater in themselves I gravitate to that. I love a cozy cigar bar,ecclectric districts like Ybor, I can even play pool pretty darn good! Fashion, I love to shop and adore unique designs , shoes and accessories!<br /> <br /> Turn ons are intelligence,self confidence,freespiritedness,motivation,worldly value of people and nature,unselfishness,and curiosity,adventureres,boyishness,physically kept<br /> <br /> Turn offs are cockiness,rudeness,know it alls,selfishness,laziness,drama-people,thoughtlesness,sloppy<br /> <br /> Six Words to describe me are curious,funloving,down to earth,sparkley,hands on,dependable<br /> <br /> Yes, I enjoy underground magazine, great photos,diverse and well written...captures my attention indeed!<br /> <br /> I would like to thank first of all my dad, who always rode unknown roads just for the sake of seeing where they went, we shared so many discoveries together and I got my true value of the wind in my hair and sights that live on strong in my is because of his love of the world I venture more. Secondly my first photographer ,Terry Kemintz who found me on myspace and guideded and believed in me ( cant believe for a second I almost said no...but the only thing to fear is fear itself and dads girl said yes), so I continue to share his inspirations with my dearest friends who have grown from what he sees in me...greatness is meant to share and it indeed trickles down.

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  1. MzBrooks is an amazing, caring & wonderful person! I am honored and proud to be able to call her my “Friend”.

  2. glad she did the profile for the site!!

  3. hi wats your myspace page

  4. There is only one Barbara Brooks, charming, beautiful, kind and a sexy knockout. Only one.

  5. MZ Brooks is not only a beautiful model she is loads of fun to work with. Outstanding results with every new photo session.

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    ?Puedo tomar Foto de su sitio


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