Buick feature

Buick feature

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Buick Feature 2011

Name: Jeff McKelvey<br/> Vehicle: 1965 Buick Rivera<br/> Ext. mods.: Stock<br/> Int. mods: Stock<br/> Wheels: 15\" Astro Supremes<br/> Suspension: 2 Motion Three pumps, 4 batteries, 8\" front cylinders, 12\" in the rear, 8 Switches Built by: Motion Three Fabrication www.motionthree.com<br/> Special Thanks: to my girlfriend Lacey steelman, my brother John McKelvey and Mike Watterson from Motion Three, and everyone else that has always been there with me through all my projects.<br/> <br/> Covered by: Micheal Labaski<br/>

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