Leftys Feature

Leftys Feature

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Leftys Feature 2011

Your name: LEFTY LAWSON<br/> Truck/car name: THE PINK PIG<br/> Location/hometown: GRIFFIN, GA<br/> club affiliation: GROUND LEVEL<br/> <br/> Give a story from beginning to present of the build of the vehicle: I got the truck in 1995, I redid the truck eight times. When I started building the truck they didn\'t make anything for it, everything had to be custom made. with it being a six lug, I didn\'t have a good selection of wheels, especially any that would tuck. My truck got shot for three full layouts, it made cover of Tailgate and a lay out. Truckin Mag. also shot it in 2003. 2004 I was talked into redoing it, I regretted that the whole time. It went to six shops, every shop told me they could do it. Well the only shop that proved there self was \"Low Budget Customs\". They finished the bodydrop and did the full sheet metal interior. Then I decided to be the first mistu done on twenty two\'s, and that was a task in its self. \"Low Budget Customs\" rebuilt my front suspension and i had rear-end shortened four inches. I also had it swapped over to a five lug. I work at a body shop. \"Perdues Paint and Body\". So I did most of the custom body work, and I also painted it, with the help of Mike Prince at \"Pete\'s Crazy Paint\".<br/> TRUCK/CAR INFO:<br/> <br/> WHEELS: ONE SIDE 22\" VCT GRAZIANO\'S AND THE OTHER SIDE 22\" VCT MOBSTERS..<br/> <br/> TIRES: 245/30/22 PIRELLI\'S<br/> <br/> SUSPENSION (FRONT & REAR): CUSTOM MADE FRONT CONTROL ARMS, AND 1993 TOYOTA REAREND, CUT FOUR INCHES ON A CUSTOM MADE TWO LINK BAR WITH A PANHARD PAR, ALL DONE BY \"LOW BUDGET CUSTOMS\"<br/> <br/> SUSPENSION: I HAVE A ONE PUMP CCE HYDRAULIC SET UP, 8\" CYLINDERS IN THE FRONT AND 10 \" CYLINDERS IN THE BACK.<br/> <br/> FRAME MODS: 3 1/2\" BODY DROP..<br/> <br/> BODY MODIFICATIONS:<br/> <br/> SHAVED: FULLY SHAVED UNIBODY CONVERTABLE DONE BY \"PETE\'S CRAZY PAINT\", TOYOTA 2WD FRONT BUMPER, FULL SHEET METAL INTERIOR DONE BY \"LOW BUDGET CUSTOMS\"<br/> <br/> PAINT/GRAPHICS: PAINT AND GRAPHICS DONE BY ME, CUSTOM AIR BRUSH DONE BY \"PETE\'S CRAZY PAINT\"<br/> <br/> BRAND/COLOR(S): SHERWIN WILLIAMS PLANET COLOR.. MARY KAY PINK CANDY MAGENTA BRILLANT SILVER CANDY DARK PINK CANDY AND BLACK CANDY WHITE GOLD PEARL<br/> <br/> INTERIOR:<br/> <br/> SEATS: FRONT SEATS OUT OF A PT CRUISER AND THE BACK SEAT OUT OF A CJ JEEP. COVERED IN PINK ALLIGATOR & GRAY VINYL, DONE BY “ALLEN WELLS INTERIOR“<br/> <br/> DASH: SHEET METAL DASH, DOOR PANELS. CONSOLE, AND FLOOR DONE BY \" LOW BUGET CUSTOMS\"<br/> <br/> GAUGES: AIR BRUSHED GAUGES DONE BY \"PETE\'S CRAZY PAINT\"<br/> <br/> ENGINE/PERFORMANCE:<br/> <br/> ENGINE: 2.0 MISTU MOTOR BUILT WITH A SMALL CAM, FULLY POLISHED<br/> <br/> HEADER/EXHAUST: PACER SETTER HEADER WITH FULL EXHAUST<br/> <br/> MISC.: MOON WATSON COMPLETELY WIRED THE WHOLE TRUCK, TO HAVE FRONT AND REAR HEADLIGHTS, AND A CUSTOM MADE FUSE PANEL..<br/> <br/> SPECIAL THANKS: There are a lot of people that help during the building of my truck. when my truck was shot for \"TRUCKIN\", I dedicated it to my father who had recently passed away. This time I’m dedicating it to Crazy Pete, my Godfather who has recently passed away. but if it wasn\'t for Tommy from \"Low Budget Customs\". My truck would not be here today, he took the time to finish it for me when no other shop would. My friend Moon and Taco who have been there through every change on my truck. Mike Prince for doing the air brush graphics. Perdues Paint and Body, for allowing me access to use the shop to do the paint and body work on my truck…<br/> <br/> FEATURE DONE BY: sara.lassiter.photography facebook.com/saralassiterphotography1<br/>

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