Bobbys Feature

Bobbys Feature

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Bobbys feature 2011

Name: Bobby Eiland<br/> <br/> Make/Model: 1985 Chevy S-10<br/> <br/> Club: Low Xpectations<br/> <br/> build story(beginning to present): I bought the truck 11 years ago as being my first truck. I paid $600 and as you could imagine for that price there was alot wrong. I started with a basic bag job up front, that lasted a year and then i wanted faster bags and it to lay all the way out. So i set it up over the years to completely lay flat on the 22\'S BABY.<br/> <br/> Wheels/Tires: 22\" Effen 728 245/35/R22<br/> <br/> Suspension: Dominator 2B6\'s all the way around with GC350 Extreme valves. All 1/2\" air line. Airbagit tubular control arms, Full forward triangulated Chrome 4 link Monster c notch.<br/> <br/> Body Mods.: Like a good woman everything shaved. Full cadillac Rear skin and side marker lights (which are missing haha) Convertable hard top. Full sheetmetal bed with a 107 capacity stainless beer cooler welded in. Trick hole cut in the hood also.<br/> <br/> Interior: Custom fiberglass dash full of all autometer gauges, Ostrich heated leather seats from newer s-10 with headrests cut off.<br/> <br/> Engine/Performance: Good Ol\' American SBC with a little B&M Blower Small cam TH350 Flowmaster exhaust and everything to make it all work.<br/> <br/> Misc.: Fully polished underside of the frame.....Performed by owner!<br/> <br/> Special Thanks: Everyone ...the scene in general, my wife and kiddo. All of Low Xpectations club members for keeping eachother gowing. Ricky Applegate for the sheetmetal for the low. Jeremy Dimatteo for the occasional cleaning. Ben Johnson for teaching me what i need to know about SBC motors. Also my buddy Andrew blanch for helping me get this truck started so long ago. Big thanks to all the haters, you keep me going! Last of all a big shout out to Philly Mike for the awesome work he does.<br/> <br/> Feature shot by: Micheal Labuski<br/>

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