Dropsicles Sideshow

Dropsicles Sideshow

by / 3 Comments / 18 View / July 16, 2011

Dropsicles Sideshow 2011

Dropsicles Sideshow<br/> July 9th 2011<br/> Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada<br/> Hosted by: Dropsicles<br/> <br/> Coverage by: Mike McConnell<br/>

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  1. Sweet pics!
    How come no pics of that big white dodge with all the airbrushed faces and werewolves all over it?
    It took best paint and 2 vendors choice awards..
    I guess it wasn’t low..but just curious..
    Other than that, great pics bid!

  2. Have no clue guy on my staff took the pics.

  3. My bad, I got carried away shooting Tyler’s Datsun when John Mata was shooting it for his mini truckin piece. Before i knew it, my batteries were dead! Next show, i promise I’ll get the photos that truck deserves!


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