Jeremys Feature

Jeremys Feature

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Jeremys feature 2011

Name: Jeremy DiMatteo<br/> <br/> Make/Model: 2008 Chevy Impala<br/> <br/> Club: Low Xpectations<br/> <br/> build story(beginning to present): Bought the car straight from a dealership in 2009 and after driving the car for a 1,000 miles decided to make the car better. It started out with just doing rims and tint. Then one day I was sitting at a buddies house and we decided it would be cool to bag something this new, so we did. We also thought it would be awesome to do because not many people out there have a 2008 bagged Impala. Ever since then I have just been trying to do things every year.<br/> <br/> Wheels/Tires: 22\" Avenue Wheels wrapped in Kumho tires<br/> <br/> Suspension: Full air suspension with ten switches<br/> <br/> Body Mods.: N/A<br/> <br/> Interior: Custom Louis Vuitton camo interior<br/> <br/> Engine/Performance: N/A<br/> <br/> Special Thanks: All my boys from Low Xpectations, My soon to be wife (for putting up with all of our drunk nights working on it), Mike Lub for shooting my car when everyone else tells me they will only shoot trucks.<br/>

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