Lu’s Feature

Lu’s Feature

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Lu\'s feature

Lu Perez (Dirty Sanchez)<br/> <br/> Mayodan NC<br/> <br/> Forever Unfinished... Bought the car while i was still in High School and had it ever since. Hard to part with your first LOVE.......<br/> <br/> 20 inch. Starz<br/> <br/> 225/35/20 Nitto Neo Gens<br/> <br/> Air Ride<br/> <br/> 450 Viairs<br/> <br/> Paint- Surmons Collision Center<br/> <br/> Suspension- Garland Moore, Owner<br/> Interior- Final Touch Custom Uhpolestry<br/> <br/> Shaved- Door Handles, Roof Rails, Tail Lights, Tag Box, Antenna, Hood Squirters, Everything.......<br/> <br/> Custom Motorcycle Tail Lights<br/> <br/> All Body Work Done by Ken Surmons<br/> <br/> Two-Toned Custom Paint<br/> <br/> Custom Green/ Lexus IS 300 White Pearl<br/> <br/> Custom Airbrushed Skulls In Door Jams and All over the Body <br/> <br/> Custom Two-Toned Tweed and Vinyl Interior<br/> <br/> Fiberglass Console with shaved Head Rest and Shaved door panels<br/> <br/> Shaved Headliner and Clean Rear Deck<br/> <br/> Interior Done by Final Touch Custom Uhpolestry<br/> <br/> Nothing Special <br/> <br/> Stock With some Goodies!<br/> <br/> Thanks to all my friends that have stuck by me through the good and bad times and to Garland Moore for all the hard work and all the late night nights at the shop during this build. Also thanks to my Loving Wife Elizabeth.<br/> <br/> Thanks to you also Sara, You\'re the BEST!!!<br/> <br/> Feature shot by: Sara Lassiter<br/>

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