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Siknic 2011

Siknic<br/> August 27 & 28th 2011<br/> Lamar-Dixon Expo Center<br/> Gonzales/Baton Rouge, LA<br/> <br/> Coverage by: Josh Burson<br/>

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  1. Where is that Zombie hunter truck??

  2. Where’s the new Camaro bagged? I saw the other 2 who only had rims.
    There’s a few quality builds I noticed y’all left out…. Hmm

  3. I took pictures of everything. I took 500+ pics and only 395 were posted. I took pictures of everything there includin several of that camaro!! what gets posted and what don’t is beyond my control..I never leave out a ride, everyone deserves recognition!!

  4. some had blurrieness in them and took much sun reflection.

  5. Did you get any pic of a Mazda b2200 that was next to the truck that had the beer can under the tire

  6. It was a blue b2200

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