Grounded 4 Life One Day Slam

Grounded 4 Life One Day Slam

by / 3 Comments / 37 View / July 20, 2012

Grounded 4 Life One Day Slam 2012

Grounded 4 Life<br/> One Day Slam<br/> July 15, 2012<br/> Bristol, PA<br/> <br/> Coverage by: Mike Labuski<br/>

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  1. Real good show coverage.

  2. The photographer that took these pictures missed a few rides and vender booths that were at the show. It’s just sucks that people that view these photos are being withheld full pleasure of the show. The photographer is just being a child about past events and didnt include certain photos. I’m sorry for leaving such a negative comment about a Negative photographer but I think the show coverage should be covered as a whole regardless of person hatred. Please email my personal email with any questions. – Mike “Hoff”

  3. Thanks for covering the show for us the club apprentice it.

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