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by / 0 Comments / 158 View / August 30, 2015

Name: Christina Szeremi AKA CaddyQueen

Vehicle make/model: 1965 Cadillac CoupeDeVille

Club affiliation: No Regrets

Interior mods: Custom floor console, custom paisley inserts, complete overhaul, paint matched dash, speakers added to kick panels and package tray, complete trunk interior with hidden side storage compartments, custom Cadillac crest peek through panel to visual the air management system

Exterior mods: Shaved body trim, shaved door handles, Paint, Re-chromed bumpers

Suspension mods and wheels: Hard-lined AccuAir E-level, Slam bags, Vi-Air compressors, tunneled, frame pipe-notch, 22” Velocity wheels

Engine mods: OG 429 BB, engine bay is now currently under overhaul, firewall being shaved, adding Vintage Air AC/heat

Anyone you would like to thank:  My brother, Brandon Szeremi, owner of Supreme Rods and Customs in Carmichael, CA. My brother and I share a passion for vehicles and it’s always been nice to sit and talk cars with him for hours on what we plan to do next. We keep each other motivated and I can’t count the number of times he has helped me with my builds. I’d also like to thank my Dad, Dean Szeremi, for raising a car lovin’ tomboy! Passion for cars runs in my family and is deep in our blood and veins.


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