Pixie Pinkstar

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Name: Stephanie, but you can call me Pixie

Age: can I lie and be younger? If not I’m 30

Location: I’m in beautiful Montreal Quebec, in Canada

Marital status: Engaged

Any tattoos: yes, and I want more

Do you like car / truck shows: I’m not that much of a gear head, I do enjoy walking around meets and classic car expo`s. I dream of owning one day a purple and matte black 1971 Chevelle SS, so I can be cooler than my fiancé; he owns a 72 corvette stingray.

What do you do in your free time: free time what is that? hahaha.. I own a hair salon; I cut and dye hair for a living?

Favorite foods: I would say Sushi, fajitas, lasagna and French fries are my all-time favorites…. Nice variety eh…

Turn ons and turn offs: A charming, funny sociable and honest person really turns me on, Hypocrites and liars really turn me off

Do you like Underground-Scene.com magazine: Is this a trick question? Yes I do, the time, the commitment and the passion invested really shows, the presentation and layouts are on point, the girls are hot and the rides are sexy

Who would you like to thank? First of all I would like to thank my Fiancé Chris as he is truly the biggest gearhead I know, he got me into it, guiding me and helping me gain confidence and helping me find and book photo-shoots. My dear friend Frank Lam who is truly an excellent and dedicated photographer here in Montreal and my sister in law for making me break the ice in this exciting world of photography. Then you guys of course for believing in me and giving me a chance.




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