Save Ferris Tour

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Save Ferris Tour

Featuring: Save Ferris, Baby Baby

February 24, 2017

State Theatre, St, Petersburg, FL

Coverage by: Jonathan Hawkins


Underground:How’s it feel to be back on the road on tour this year?
Save Ferris: Hi guys!!! It feels awesome, still getting my “tour legs” back, but having a great time with my band…..we’re all sick as dogs but trudging through……

Underground: Being a woman singer do you get a lot of different reactions?

Save Ferris: Mmmmmmmm….welll…….i guess i get a different reaction then men do. 
Underground: Does the vibe with Save Ferris the same as when you guys formed in the
beggining in 1995?
Save Ferris: Totally feels the same, feels all new again!

Underground: Do you all in Save Ferris have anything unusual you all do as rituals
while on tour?
Save Ferris: I sage the bus all the time and use a lot of essential oils to bless and clean and move the energy around 

Underground: With all the loyal fans over the world what would you like to thank
everyone for?

Save Ferris: Awwww well I’d like to thank them for loving Save Ferris and not giving up on us after all these years. I’m gonna do my best to make it all worth it to them.

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