Skillet Tour 2017

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Skillet – Sick Puppies – Devour the Day | February 18, 2017




Christian rock band Skillet made a stop in Madison, Wisconsin on February 18 at the Orpheum Theater in support of their Unleashed tour featuring guests Devour the Day and Sick Puppies. Performing to a sold out crowd, the venue quickly filled as fans anticipated an epic night.


Devour the Day, a band formed in 2012 from Memphis, Tennessee, kicked off the night with a bang. The band was sure to get energies roaring, especially when front man Blake Allison hopped into the crowd and proceeded to crowd surf.


After a brief interlude, Sick Puppies were next to take the stage. Throughout their set, from start to finish their energies were at an all time high. If the packed tight crowd wasn’t ready for the grace of Skillet, they sure are now. Playing all of their hit songs, as well as songs from the early days, Sick Puppies put on an incredible performance for all who witnessed.


By the time stage crews set up for Skillet, the entire crowd was dying from anticipation. The lights dimmed and smoke rose from the stage floor, the word Skillet could be observed in the background as the band took the stage. Kicking off with their hit song Feel Invincible, the crowd was immediately sold on their performance, and the crowds energies maximized throughout the night.


Though Skillet is dubbed a Christian band, their music appeals to fans of all personal beliefs. The messages they send through their music can and should be heard by everyone. Skillet’s performance on the Unleashed Tour is absolute perfection, and their live sound is even better than their records. With a few dates left on the tour, definitely don’t miss this show if you can help it.  You wont be disappointed!


Coverage by: Derek Koepke

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