Aaron Lewis Sinner Tour 2017

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Rocker gone country star, Aaron Lewis, made his appearance on Saturday, February 25 at the Orpheum Theater in Madison, Wisconsin.

Aaron Lewis, formerly the vocalist of hard rock band Staind, brought his Sinner tour to Wisconsin in support of his most recent album release, Sinner, which debuted Number One on the Billboard Country Albums charts.

Having seen Aaron perform with Staind in the past, I was very excited to see him perform in an entirely different setting. Hitting the stage with a Smith and Wesson T-shirt, as well as a Donald Trump for President hat, Aaron made it clear of his political stance but in a very subtle way. Starting the set off with the Pledge of Allegiance, Aaron Lewis showed his patriotism and love for the United States.

Aaron Lewis isn’t your typical country artist, as he doesn’t fit into todays mainstream country music. In fact, he expresses fully how he feels in his hit song, “That Ain’t Country”. Aaron Lewis’s sound could be described as raw, old school, original country music that takes you back to the roots of early country. Hit songs from Staind were also performed throughout the set, finishing the show off with “Outside”. Other songs include “Right Here” and “It’s Been Awhile”.

Touring with Aaron Lewis on select dates are supporting acts Travis Marvin and Alex Williams. Admittedly, I’m not a huge country music fan. This show however, was definitely worth checking out! All three artists had an amazing performance, and the crowd absolutely loved it! Except for one lady… but we won’t talk about her.

…Okay, yeah, we will! As stated earlier, Aaron Lewis was wearing a Donald Trump for President hat. In between songs, a lady from the crowd yelled “Fuck Trump!”. After Aaron Lewis replied with a few choice words, a flying bird, and started the next song, the very opinionated woman had moved from her spot in the crowd. This is a great example of why politics should never be brought up. Someones opinion of someone else’s viewpoints and beliefs should not matter.

Aaron Lewis is touring the United States throughout the summer. If you’ve been curious about checking him out, definitely do. You will not be disappointed!

Coverage by: Derek Korpke

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  1. Great pictures of Aaron Lewis.
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