Skillet Unleashed Tour

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Getting Unleashed With Skillet at the House of Blues

A music hungry crowd packed the House of Blues in Orlando anticipating
being “Unleashed” by Skillet for their sold out show. A evening of
high-energy, heart pumping performances not only shook the stage by
the headliners, but also by there openers, Devour the Day & Troy.

First to ignite the stage was Troy, on the road supporting their latest release Deadman. They exploded into their first hit single”Fate”.
Guitarist Cord Bishop, Bassist Cane Ransom, Guitarist Kyle Girth and
Drummer Erik Milan brought with them authentic power that captured the audience.

The band played a fantastic mix of songs, leaving the only
drawback as the time passing too quickly. If their set was any
indication of what would be coming, the night would certainly continue
to intensify.

Our next dynamite band, Devour the Day,started  their set with the first single”Good Man” from their latest release “S.O.A.R”

Vocalist Blake AllisonAllison offered a particular way to engage the
fans, as he jumped into the crowd all the way through the crowd until
being lifted back onto the stage. They played a variety of great songs
throughout their set. The energy and response from the crowd shook the
building for  as they left the stage.

It would be a short breather before Skillet took the stage as the changeover was fairly quick.
Having just finished up the first couple months of the Unleashed Tour,
Skillet  was again on  the road playing to a sold out standing room only crowd at the Orlando House of Blues.

After individualy taking the stage, the band which includes vocalist
and bass player John Cooper, guitarist Korey Cooper, guitarist Seth
Morison and drummer Jen Ledger bursted into their newer single “Feel
Invincible” followed by ‘Whispers in the Dark” then right into “Sick
of It”. After a brief pause in between songs, Cooper spoke to the
crowd and explained that he gets asked every show if Skillet is a
“christian band”. His answer was a sound “Yes” and spoke openly about
a positive message of inclusiveness and hoping that their live shows
embrace a variety of beliefs not only christian.

The band delivered a hard driving set of songs that their fans would expect. They covered a string of songs which included the anthems

anthems “Rise”, “Hero”, and “Comatose.”  Having released a new album,
Unleashed last August you would expect the band to play some new
songs and they didn’t disappoint. They played their new single/video “Back From the Dead”, “Undefeated”, and “Out of Hell”  and were performed flawlessly and fit well into the flow of the show.

Besides being a vocalist, Cooper is very skilled at keeping the crowd
engaged with story telling transitions into songs. An example was the
inspiration for the song “Those Nights”. Cooper mentioned his love of
Headbangers Ball on MTV in the 1980’s. He would stay up late for hours
waiting for a rock video like Metallica to come on. Cooper said “MTV
used to suck so I wrote a song about it”.  A highlight of the night
was when a couple in the crowd got engaged during the song “Stars.” It
was pointed out to Cooper after the song and he acknowledged the
couple and told them that “Skillet loves you”.

The high energy rock show ended just as it started and left fans and
families satisfied. If rock and roll was a sports game, Skillet would be indeed….UNDEFEATED.

Show shot and reviewed by: Jonathan Hawkins


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