I Love the 90’s Tour Punta Gorda, FL

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I Love the 90’s Tour Brings a Blast from the Past

At one point during the, I Love the ‘90s tour, which came to the City
Marketplace in Punta Gorda, FL Saturday put on by Edgewater Events
LLC, frog-voiced veteran MC and two-hit wonder Tone Loc asked the
crowd the most rhetorical of questions.

“Y’all don’t mind if we take it back a little bit?”

Taking it back is what this show was all about. The concert, which
featured four of the decade’s hip-hop and R&B hitmakers headlined by
Salt-N-Pepa, was a throwback machine crossed with a Spotify playlist
come to life, with some acts delivering far more than others.

While the entire show proved to be a bit of an endurance test at more
than three hours long for the 2,000 fans in attendance, it was not for
lack of efficiency or the artists know the drill. Whether it was C&C
Music Factory, capping off a 20-minute opening set with his only true
hit “Gonna Make You Sweat” or the aforementioned Tone Loc turning on
the lover-man persona for his two biggest contributions “Funky Cold
Medina” and “Wild Thing” — while bringing dozens of women from the
crowd on stage — the artists knew what the people wanted to hear,
embraced it, and mostly kept their sets short and to the point.

The show’s final hour-plus finished with hip-hop, with Harlem MC Rob
Base’s workmanlike, hyped-up performance that featured snippets of old
hip-hop classics and a few of his own with “Joy and Pain” and the
infectious party jam “It Takes Two.”

Then, Salt-N-Pepa took the stage for a 45-minute set that showcased
chemistry, charm, and charisma of Cheryl James (Salt) and Sandra
Denton (Pepa) maybe more than their extensive catalog as arguably
hip-hop’s biggest female group. While they did satisfy the crowd’s
desires by playing some of their biggest hits like “Let’s Talk About
Sex,” “Shoop” and “Whatta Man,” they left a few hits on the table
(“Ain’t Nuthin’ But a She Thing,” “None of Your Business”) in favor of
some lesser-known songs from their late ‘80s albums (“Tramp,” “I’ll
Take Your Man”).

There was also a set from DJ Spinderella that blended everything from
House of Pain’s “Jump Around” to Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child o’ Mine,”
a few instances where they brought both groups of men and women on
stage, fawning over their two male back-up dancers and talking between
songs about their incredible relationship and 31-plus years in the
business. By the time they donned leather jackets to close with “Push
It” with blasts of confetti, everyone seemed to get their nostalgia
itch thoroughly scratched.

Once again Nick Nemec and Matthew Nemec at Edgewater Events LLC
brought a masterpiece of a tour through our area and we are looking
forward to more festivals in the future!


Jonathan H.

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