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Redemption Day
Redemption Day 2011

Redemption Day
March 26th 2011
Hosted by: MiniTruckin Ministries
Houston, Mississippi

coverage by: Josh Burson

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  1. Ryan Murphy on Monday 28, 2011

    Great Show! Took home best truck and best paint! WILL BE BACK!!

  2. Dustin Howie on Monday 28, 2011

    Great show will be back next year good job chase

  3. Gayla Bevels on Monday 28, 2011

    This was the most fun I’ve had in a while! Very proud of Chase!!! So glad I could be a part! We definately had an AMAZING turnout. Thanks for the coverage!

  4. Chase Ward on Monday 28, 2011

    I had a blast doing this show! Excited for next year! Hope everyone comes out next year and thanks to all who made it this year! If anyone has any suggestions for next year feel free to look me up on facebook or email me

  5. Jade Doss on Monday 28, 2011

    Had a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!