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Dropsicles Sideshow
Dropsicles Sideshow 2011

Dropsicles Sideshow
July 9th 2011
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Hosted by: Dropsicles

Coverage by: Mike McConnell

217 Photos

  1. Mike on Saturday 16, 2011

    Sweet pics!
    How come no pics of that big white dodge with all the airbrushed faces and werewolves all over it?
    It took best paint and 2 vendors choice awards..
    I guess it wasn’t low..but just curious..
    Other than that, great pics bid!

  2. jonathan on Saturday 16, 2011

    Have no clue guy on my staff took the pics.

  3. Mdmvisuals on Saturday 16, 2011

    My bad, I got carried away shooting Tyler’s Datsun when John Mata was shooting it for his mini truckin piece. Before i knew it, my batteries were dead! Next show, i promise I’ll get the photos that truck deserves!