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Cassie Forte

Cassie Forte 2013

Name: Cassie Forte

Age: 30 yrs. old

Location: Hot Springs, AR

Martial Status: Happily Married

Any tattoo's: Rose on left arm and a deer head with a four leaf clover on the small of my back

Favorite foods: Chinese and Italian

Do you like car/truck shows: LOVE THEM AND ATTEND AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE

What do you do in your free time: Spend it with my husband and kids, model, friends, and attend great shows and concerts

Turn ons and turn offs: Tatts, fast cars, and sweet ass bikes are my turn ons. Liars, cheaters, and selfish people are my turn offs.

Six words describing yourself: Mommy, Wifey, Beautiful, Epic, Honest, and Amazing

Do you like Magazine: Of course and have followed it for years!

Anyone you would like to thank: My husband Giuseppe Forte for being my biggest fan and greatest supporter Robert Shackleford with Taylor'd Kustomz Ladys Photographers Justin Manning and Brooke Smith

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Jess Shaw

Jess Shaw

Name: Jess Shaw aka Tiny

Age: 24

Location: Daytona Beach FL

Martial status: Single

Any tattoos: A ton plus many more to come :) I have a full moon on my right wrist.. a key on my left wrist.. LOVE on my left index finger.. scoprion on my right hip.. a heart with a peace sign in a floral design on my left hip (more to be added).. another old fashioned floral design on my left ankle in the shape of a 4.. racing flags on my right ankle.. a chevy bow tie on my right foot.. mud flap girl on my left foot.. a water fairy on my back (unfinished full back piece) and a secret on my inner lip ;)

Favorite foods: Lobster!! steak, macaroni salad, fruit, I love all kinds of food.. I'll try anything once ;)

Do you like car/truck shows: Do I? haha of coarse!! I was raised in this lifestyle!

What do you do in your free time: Beach, ride, burn, play with my wiener dogs, listen to music, dance!!

Turn ons and Turn offs: turn ons; shop boys, good taste in music, positive attitude, fun, good personality, ambitious, hard worker, animal lover. turn offs; bad hygiene, negativity, unsupportive, users and abusers, laziness

Six words describing yourself: smart, sexy, talkative, lover, goal orriented, wild!

Do you like Magazine: Yes!! If it has anything to do with trucks and bikes.. I love it!!

Anyone you would like to thank: My parents, for raising me the way they did, and being behind me in everything I do!! To my TRUE friends and fans for being there through good and bad, and supporting me no matter what!! And to the people who have put me down, thank you for pushing me to succeed!!!!

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Krista Renee

Krista Renee 2011

Name: Krista Renee

Age: 21

Location: Mechanicsville, MD

Martial status: hmmmm :D

Any tattoos: I have a star tattoo on my left side & also a tat on my right shoulder blade in remembrance of my dad

Do you like car/truck shows: Of course I do! I love to get crazy with the guys plus I’m in a car club (SELF MADE CUSTOMS)

What do you do in your free time: Gym of course. Spending time with the family . Hanging out with friends . Shopping= girls best friend . Car shows.

Turn ons and Turn offs: Clean cut, tattoos, muscles, good smile, up to date on his style, being on top of his hygiene and body is a must! And most importantly is respectful & knows how to spoil me.

Six words describing yourself: Sexy, smart, outgoing, energetic, classy, independent,

Do you like magazine: Of course I love you guys. Anyone down for a good car show is pretty much amazing to me!! plus who doesn’t like to look at hot girls on hot cars :p

Anyone you would like to thank: My fans are #1 Without you I wouldn’t be where I am today. I appreciate everything you guys do for me thanks for standing behind me since day one and believing in me! Love you guys soo much keep supporting! & I also like to thank my family, friends & photographers I have work with thanks for all your support!! XOXO Krista Renee

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Briana Lee

Briana Lee

Name: Briana Lee of

Age: 23

Location: St.Louis

Martial status: Single

Any tattoos: Yes quite a few with the intentions of adding more =)

Favorite foods: Cheesecake, pizza, cheeseburgers, nachos, wings, everything bad for u! =) Although i can say i do love eating my fruits and veggies.

Do you like car/truck shows: There's quite a variety of different types but for the most part i do enjoy them.

Turn ons and Turn offs: Turn ons are honesty, stability, intelligence, loyalty. Turn off's would be closed minded, uneducated, cheap, impatient and uncleanly. What do you do in your free time: Relax! I am a full time student & model so when i have free time i don't even want to get out of my pj's lol.

Six words describing yourself: Complex, smart, opinionated, passionate, trustworthy, mature.

Do you like Magazine: Still getting familiar with it =)

Anyone you would like to thank: My team at <3

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Joanie Gregory

Joanie Gregory

Name: Joanie Gregory

Age: 29

Location: Corbin, KY

Martial status: Married

Tattoos: One...that no one is supposed to know about. It's hidden!!

Favorite foods: I love, love, love anything bar-b-que. The messier, the better!

Do you like car/truck shows: I love them! I've traveled as far south as Atlanta and as far north as Montreal, Quebec just for car shows.

What do you do in your free time: Depends. In the summer, you can find me out on my boat or at a car show. In the colder months...I pretty much just snuggle up and watch a good movie with my hubby.

Turn ons and Turn offs: Turn ons- Common sense, style, someone who likes my kind of music (country), chest hair (not too much), great personality Turn offs- Odor and bad hygene, cockiness, big muscles, lack of intelligence, too many piercings, and especially drama

Six words describing yourself: drama-free, fun, outgoing, adventurous, lovable, and cute

Do you like Magazine: Of course, I love it! I visit frequently to check out the latest show coverage.

Anyone you would like to thank: I would like to thank my husband, Jeff Gregory! Without him I would have been lost down the wrong road a long time ago! I Love You!

I would also like to thank everyone who still puts on all the awesome shows out there, the people who attend them, and the folks who put all their hard work and time into making awesome one-of-a-kind rides.

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Jessica Rockwell

Jessica Rockwell


Age: 26

Location: LA

Martial Status: SINGLE

Any tattoos: NOPE :)

Favorite foods: FROZEN YOGURT! YUM! AND NUTS!!!

Do you like car/truck shows: WHO DOESNT?? HEHE


Six words describing yourself: GRATEFUL, HAPPY, HARD-WORKING, RELIABLE, FUN! AND HONEST! :)



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Krista Elyse

Krista Elyse

Name: Krista Elyse

Age: 27

Location: New Jersey

Martial status: Taken

Any tattoos: Butterfly on lower back, Mustang on left hip

Favorite foods: Sushi, Italian, Peanut Butter anything

Do you like car/truck shows: I love them. The best part about modeling the automotive circuit is being able to take my Paxton Supercharged mustang gt with me everywhere I go.

What do you do in your free time: Free time?! Well, I like to sit in my garage and tinker with my mustang and ws6 and just enjoy the hobby. I also like to play basketball, take Turbonetics (my dog) for runs, watch sports, go out with my best friends, and spend time with my favorite person.

Turn ons and Turn offs: I like a confident and bold, no bullshit kind of guy. He's got to be genuine and into cars. I don't like guys who try too hard to impress other people, just be yourself and be comfortable with it.

Six words describing yourself: Two words say it best ... Jersey Girl

Do you like Magazine: I love that there are so many diverse show and car features. Its nice to give the models recognition as well. You guys are doing a fantastic job, keep it up!

Anyone you would like to thank: Thank you first and foremost to Philly for helping me become Krista #3. 3rd time is a charm...You have been my support in every way. You are irreplaceable. Thank you as well to all my sponsors and photographers who have helped me through the years, especially Paxton Superchargers, Saleen, Cervinis, Hillbank Motorsports, BBR, Photos By Philly, CJ Swift Photography, and Dark Photography Designs.

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Barbara Brooks

Barbara Brooks

name: MzBrooks

age 49, but whos really counting, just a number!

location: southwest Florida 24 years now,but originally a New England girl, still with a lingering accent, Pahk the cah in Haaavahd Yahd,lol

marital status: single

tatoos: no, but all two of my three grown children do

fav foods:LOBSTAH, edamine,seaweed salad, sushi, chilean sea bass,cherries,peaches,white chocolate,peanut butter,steamers in buddah,a good filet, grilled veggies,toffee.bisque,peanut butter and fluff sandwich,raw oysters with a spicy bloody mary, but not all together!

Hobbies: avid walker, bicycling,motorcycles,darts, plays,plants,traveling to exotic places,weights,dancing,modeling,real estate investing,snorkeling, jetski,celtic events,art, old car shows,saltwater

Yes, I like car and truck shows, grew up watching drag races live with my dad in Massachusetts in Marlborough, not much for television, Im a live and 3d real person so love to get out in the world! Have a special appreciation for pretty and fast cars,antiques a plus, a lot of love go into those beauties!

In my free time I am a blur in outside events, always have a travel bag packed and a todo and to see list! Art events, union activist,love flea markets, a sunset on the beach, drive with my convertible at night just to feel the wind in my hair! Love to see a great band, dancing is in my blood, creativity is my soul and people are my love, if I can help a person see greater in themselves I gravitate to that. I love a cozy cigar bar,ecclectric districts like Ybor, I can even play pool pretty darn good! Fashion, I love to shop and adore unique designs , shoes and accessories!

Turn ons are intelligence,self confidence,freespiritedness,motivation,worldly value of people and nature,unselfishness,and curiosity,adventureres,boyishness,physically kept

Turn offs are cockiness,rudeness,know it alls,selfishness,laziness,drama-people,thoughtlesness,sloppy

Six Words to describe me are curious,funloving,down to earth,sparkley,hands on,dependable

Yes, I enjoy underground magazine, great photos,diverse and well written...captures my attention indeed!

I would like to thank first of all my dad, who always rode unknown roads just for the sake of seeing where they went, we shared so many discoveries together and I got my true value of the wind in my hair and sights that live on strong in my is because of his love of the world I venture more. Secondly my first photographer ,Terry Kemintz who found me on myspace and guideded and believed in me ( cant believe for a second I almost said no...but the only thing to fear is fear itself and dads girl said yes), so I continue to share his inspirations with my dearest friends who have grown from what he sees in me...greatness is meant to share and it indeed trickles down.

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Jessica Lauren

Jessica Lauren

Name: Jessica Lauren
Age: 21
Location: Tennessee
Martial Status: Married
Any tattoos: 1 on my lower ab . it's a music note
Favorite food: hmmm that's a tough one. Pizza is good ;)
Hobbies: hanging out with friends,modeling,working out,reading and yeah... I do crafts. hah!
Do you like car/truck shows: yes I make it out to as many as I can! Most of the time I can get in free because I'm a model so that helps ;)
What do you do in your free time: I like to go out to clubs and dance with my friends. I can dance really good if I do say so myself ;)
Turn ons and Turn offs: Turn ons... hot cars nice abs and blue eyes!! Turn offs : primer bondo (sp?) and dents! lol
Six words describing yourself: sexy,fun,confident,outgoing, friendly and smart
Do you like Underground-Scene Magazine: I've just recently discovered Underground Scene Magazine and I think it's great!
Anyone you would like to thank: All of my friends and fans that have supported me. :)

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Sonya Moore

Brandy Day

Brandy Day

Name: Brandy Day "BeBe"
Age: 24
Location: Cordova, TN
Martial Status: Single
Any tattoos: 1 tattoo of "kattrax" on my lower back...basically two pink paw prints.
Favorite foods: I LOVE grilled chicken, grilled stuffed mushrooms, BIG fan of caramel pie from ol' charleys, and anything with Ranch!!!
Do you like car/truck shows: I love car/truck shows!!! Always a fun crowd and great entertainment
What do you do in your free time: I am signed with a modeling agency (Creative Force Modeling & Talent) which keeps my free time jammed pack with photo shoots, fashion show rehearsal, etc. but I love it!!! I also enjoy being on the lake, shopping (OF COURSE!), playing golf, laying out in the pool and spending quality time with my friends and family.
Six words describing yourself: Outgoing, Passionate, Loyal, Vibrant, Enthusiastic, Motivated
Do you like Magazine: I have had the opportunity to view the site and I am very impressed with it! The images are fantastic and the articles are very well put together.
Anyone you owuld like to thank: Jane Barrett (My mother), Annette Ross (my 2nd mom who passed away), Scott Caulk, Cheryl Gilpin, Epic 1 Media, Photographers-Marty Wayne, Johnny Smith, Jonathan Stanley, Pete Brennan, James (Photophile), Steven Carter, Preston Rogers, and all my friends and family who have supported me.

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Casey Walsh

Casey Walsh

Name: Casey Walsh
Age: 25
Location: Tampa FL
Martial Status: Single
Any tattoos: None: but i have 15 piercings
Favorite foods: Salmon, cheese pizza, lobster, key lime pie
Hobbies: Modeling, riding my HondaCBR 600rr, hittin the gym.
Do you like car/truck shows: Love them. I've modeled at SlamFest in Tampa every year for the past three years. I've also done Lowrider shows as well as Hot Import Nights.
What do you do in your free time: I love the beach and beach bars. I ride my motorcycle on occasion and I model.
Turn ons and Turn offs: Tattoos. I am a sucker for tattoos. Maturity and respect also fall into there too.
Six words describing yourself: Fun. Loud. Daring. Real. Motivated. Fabulous.
Do you like Magazine: Of course I do!
Anyone you would like to thank: Mom, Dad- for all of their support. Jamie Maldanado and Bobby Turi for helping me get my modeling career started. And of course my photographers: Chris Pearl, Emily Cingari, Jai Jacob, Jonathan Fanning, Craig MCarthur, Micheal Lewis, Kimea Nikole

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Crystal Browne

Crystal Browne

Name: Crystal Browne
Age: 25
Location: Sunny Orlando Florida!
Martial Status: Married
Any tattoos: one japanese symbol meaning "Desire".
Favorite foods: Chocolate and Sushi (not at the same time though!)
Hobbies: Modeling has always been the most fun hobby I've had. I also enjoy traveling and hiking!
Do you like car/truck shows: Yes! Car and Truck shows are actuallly how I started out modeling years ago, I always enjoy them the most, I'll never forget where I came from! : )
What do you do in your free time: I love being active, in the gym or outside. I am also a domestic Goddess (maids outfit and all! LOL)
Turn ons and Turn offs: CONFIDENCE and LOYALTY! It so hard to find a man that can handle both of those qualities! I can't stand a man with pick-up lines (especially bad ones) and men that are not down to Earth! (these are the guys who think that they are God's gift to women)
Six words describing yourself: Loving, Loyal, Respectful, Intelligent, Playful, and Genuine (What you see is what you get!)
Do you like Magazine: Yes, I love, it's actually the first photoshoot feature I ever did and Slamfest was the first swimsuit competition I ever placed in, I can't believe it's been almost five years now!
Anyone you would like to thank: I want to thank Johnathan Hawkins from for helping out me start to modeling and the photographer and fans that keep it going!

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Heidi Talburt

Heidi Talburt

Age: 27
Location: DES MOINES, IA
Martial Status: SINGLE
Favorite foods: STEAK!! TACOS, PIZZA
Do you like car/truck shows: CANT LIVE WITHOUT THEM
What do you do in your free time: SPUR OF THE MOMENT ROAD TRIPS
Do you like Magazine: YES

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Lindsey Nicole Wilson

Lindsey Nicole Wilson

Name: Lindsey Nicole Wilson
Age: 21
Location: Arkansas
Martial Status: Single
Any tattoos: Two of them... cross on the back of my neck with my moms name and mardi gras mask on my lower back, but I am not done yet.
Favorite food: Any kind of fruit... especially strawberries, grapes, kiwi, and cherries
Hobbies: Well besides modeling I like to read, take baths, listen to rock music, watch movies, lay out by the pool, or just hang out and do nothing with close friends Do you like car/truck shows: Of course. That's what inspired me to be a model in the first place.
What do you do in your free time: Well I work almost everyday so when I get a day off I like to shop, go running, have girls night with my friends, take a trip to little rock for no reason, spend time with my boyfriend, or just lay around and be lazy
Turn ons and Turn offs: I usually find guys into rock music, tattoos, piercing, long hair, motorcycles, and guitars/drums more attractive than others, but I don't have a set thing I look for. I hate guys that are cocky for no reason and the whole nice guy thing gets on my nerves.
Six words describing yourself: Independent, Hard-working, Thoughtful, Trustworthy, Simple, and Unpredictable.
Anyone you would like to thank: My friends and photographers Constance and Jesse Thurman for always looking out for me.

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